Hello WordWide Friends! I´ve just started on my brand New Blog! Come over and give me your comment

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi Guys!

That´s great we can have this opportunity to keep in touch to each other through this blog !

Hopefully I´m gonna make lots of friendships with people worldwide asap

For this time I have no words to say of what I´m felling at this present moment lol .. I know… that´s just a blog but while checking the add-ons and the coolest stuff ever this wordpress has to offer … man ! I´ve got in awe. I remember years ago when a friend of mine invited me to start an account here and I barely knew of how putting things to work out. Now I have a basic knowledge on Html and it has helped big time! I´ve made my efforts to set up this blog with wild images and all so you would come here daily 🙂

For sure I´m gonna keep myself using this blog oftenly!
Please give me your comments so I might be able to answer you back ! LOL
I´m so excited about it!

If you are willing to retweet my postings and articles feel free to do it anytime! ..and yeah …

Let me grab this chance to talk about on my last article uploaded to my website couple days ago which I was sharing with people subscribed to my newsletter that there are four people categories:

1) The kind of person who has a good starting and a bad ending ( King Josiah – II Cronicles 34:1-2, 21-23)

2) The kind of person who has a bad starting and a good ending ( King Manasseh II Cronicles 33:1-2, 16-17)

3) The kind of person who has a good starting and a good ending ( King Jotham II Kings 15:32-36)

4) The kind of person who has a bad starting and a bad ending ( King Ahaz II Kings 16:1-3, 17-20)

1 – The Josiah Type of person:
It is the kind of person that usually think of ” I rebuilt the temple. I kicked Idolatry out of my people. I´m God´s best friend. I can do everything I want to. God always is gonna be with me. It doesn´t matter if I´m gonna be right nor wrong. He will always be by my side” and dies at the end with no cause because of his disguised pround.

2 – The Manasseh Stylish Person:
It is the kind of person that doesn´t respect GOD and nobody else. Not even himself. He does things from inside out without thinking twice. Impulsive. Led by his own emotions. Doesn´t have a thing of discerniment. But one day he will learn by a painful event that GOD is above all things and has the ability to take him out of the hardest situation.

3 – The Jotham Profile:
It is the kind of an obedient person. It is the type of person that have been learning everything with his sponsors. This type of person knows of how to driblle the adversities of life. By the wise power inherited by his parents He can rule them all. He is a good king. Good son. Good christian but NOT perfect. – Read more of this article by clicking here

I have written other articles as well such as: Why had Jesus Spat on the ground to heal the blind from his birth? The Six-day War Event: Would the people who has seen Israel restoration be appointed to see Jesus Return? and others

I believe God has chosen this time to bless us further more!
Everlasting blessings to you all,
Rafael R. Lima
Your partner in Prayer

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Anna says:

    Rafeechka… Starting with his blog! The layout looks great 🙂 i la la la like it

  3. Robson Lima says:

    Hey! Nice new blog! God bless bro!

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