How can I get married? – Some advices for trainees

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yes ! This is one of my wedding pics 🙂 Glory to God !

The day I got married was the day I thought Jesus would come back in the clouds of the sky.

I was waiting too long to find the right girl and my hope was no more.

One day I was told by a friend of mine that I should do something for it. I told him I could do nothing because I had no girls in the area so I could start dating with.  He shared his testemony with me and told me he fasted to get married. That was an encouragement to that hopeless soul that was me. I´ve started doing it with my all devotion since I had no reasons to lose my face.

One day this beautiful girl (that is my wife now) came into my ways as a shining star. The moment I looked at her eyes I felt something special as a glimpse of an eye.  I was tired of making big mistakes with wrong choices and for now I just wanned to have the right woman. And I really prayed to God telling Him I  was already too old to spend a time with a wrong girl so that I should start over with another girl once again.

So while  praying to the Most High God himself gave me the statement she was my one. I felt something strong! He heard my prayers! Today  I´m a married man so happy to share of how good and how perfect is the willing of the Lord upon His children that I´m here to help yall to come through this bad moments. I´m here to give you some tips of how you are supposed to overcome loneliness with these following advices:

Have the word of God: “What ? the Word of God ? Are you gonna preach to that girl? (if a boy is reading this article). Are you gonna preach to that boy? (if a girl is reading this article) Are you gonna get the one saved?” No.

The word of God is everything to all of us. Even when searching for the One. Why ? because it gives you confidence. It displays heavenly statement. It Brings you to a godly sureness. It comes to you in a moment of prayer and fasting. You  must pay the price to know who your one is. And whenever you have this sureness and this word from on high that let you PRETTY SURE that this is a word from God to you, you just need to go “attacking”.  So when I say “having the word of God” I mean .. having a clearly statement on what you are gonna do is something that God has already shown you it´s gonna work out. And how do you have this statement? To have this statement you …

Must not be in love for anybody: why ? because when you are in love for somebody you will barely hear the voice of God. When you are in love for somebody you will pray and “the voice of the Lord” will tell ya: Go ahead cowboy! This is the one – when actually it is not true. You are deceving yourself. It´s cheating the voice of the Lord. And whenever talking about the Kingdom of God we are talking about honesty, pureness and sincerity. You must be sincerious with God and with yourself. That´s gonna take you to a …

Discernment level: When you don´t have a crush on anybody It´s easier to identify when God´s talking to you and when He isn´t. You will find out of who is talking to your head: If that´s God. If that´s you. If that´s the dirty devil. Whenever devil or yourself are putting those thoughts into your head you will get oppressed. God´s voice will never take you to oppresion. God´s voice will talk to you clearly. You will hear him. And He will put things to work out for you.  The doors are gonna get open! Of course He is not gonna set all things for you cuz even the ark of noah was supposed to be built up by Noah. God was sent to close the door of the ark.  It means ..

Somethings are up to God and others are up to yourself: Don´t you dare expecting God is gonna send his mighty angels to flirt your one on your behalf. It doesn´t exist.  And also not think It´s a matter of time and time and time .. and waiting and waiting .. NO ! There are somethings you are supposed to do in your “waiting time for the one”. Like …

Start dressing yourself nice: Some people are so hopeless to get married that they start giving up on their lives. Having a good-looking is very important to call the attention on your one.  So take your good perfume. Ask advices to some of the coolest people you know to helping ya dressing yourself up.  (Being always holy – when I say holy I don´t mean oldish. I say dressing good not being provokative).  Threat your hair by treating it. Make something with your style never allowing it to change the way you are. But updating your clothes and hair to what people usually are using on the 21st century

Be persistent: When having God´s direction and God´s word inside of you. Be persistent. Because your one maybe is a stubborn person who enjoys seeing of how much you are willing to have a serious personal and eternal commitment. So maybe in the beginning this person will fight hard with you. This person maybe will pretend he or she doesn´t care for you but this is all pretending. Be bold and STAY YOUR GROUND! You have God´s word with you. God said it. He is gonna break the hardest heart ground to bless you! 🙂

Go fasting is a good option: There are a lot of people at this moment screaming .. shouting … saying.. crying …begging … cutting themselves…with this phrase: “But I´m waiting” But have you ever taken the God you serve seriously and the supernatural atmosphere as something real ? If you really want to get married so go using the whole weapons God gives you in your hands to bring the invisible things into your reality ! Go fasting ! Your rib is out there and that person exists! Take moments with God praying and especificly asking Him for a person whose heart is toward God and is able to fall in love for you.  Schedule in your agenda some days for fasting which you just will fast for this purpose and nothing else. You will go fasting for a husband (if you are a girl reading this article). You will go fasting for a wife (if you are a man reading this article).

God is gonna bring this person into your reality: Faith brings the invisible things into your visible realm. If you are suffering because you are felling yourself alone. God is suffering with you as well.  It´s not inside of God´s plan seeing you suffering for something He is able to solve. Start putting this things into you daily life and wait for the result. For sure this person is out there and God is sending this person into your way. This person is gonna show up from somewhere. And sometimes even from other locations.

Stay tunned to what is going on: I often get shocked at how people don´t are used to connect material things as the result of their prayers. They think things just happen for happening. It´s not true. Blessings come for christians as the result of their prayers and obedience to the Lord. Blessings come for christians as the result of God´s plan for them. If you feel from the bottom of your heart you can´t stand any longer living lonely I´m pretty sure to tell ya that God has put this inside of your heart. So go praying and fasting and getting in action to move God´s throne toward your circumstance to receive your blessing.  Stay tunned to daily events and who knows by couting these days from now on somebody chosen by God is gonna come on your way ? whohoo! let´s go now to my  last advice …

God´s blessings come to add in our lives: God will never give you a blessing to see you suffering later on. God will never give you a blessing with lots of problems to destroy your life later on. God´s blessings come to add in our lives and to complete us. So pay attention on who is gonna come in your ways and don´t stop praying even later on when receiving your blessing.

So i think we are all set till here…..
Everlasting blessings to you all!
I wanna hear your good testemony soon !

The miracle is on the way!
Rafael R. Lima
Your partner in prayer

  1. Love says:

    hehe so interesting article… i think i used some of these very same advices to get married 🙂

  2. veronika says:

    it is a very interesting article …. even though i am married… it reminds me of the things I´ve done to myself

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