My name is Rafael Lima and I´m a preacher of the gospel investing my time on spreading the full gospel everywhere! I´ve turned my ways onto Christ at the age of 14. At that time I was suffering from a terrible pneumonia on my left lung. The doctor said it was a rare kind of pnumonia and my city just had 2 cases of such a type: one old man who couldn´t stand with it and died and I was the second person. By knowing that I´ve made a serious prayer to GOD: “Jesus, if you are real like my family says you are, please heall me and I´m gonna be your follower for the rest of my days. If you don´t, I´m going to hell and I´m all set.” Couple days later I´ve gone to a prayer meeting whose a pastor had layed his hands on my lungs. I was holding my laughters so christians would not think something bad on me because I felt such a joy that I couldn´t describe you even with one thousand words. On going to the doctor he could pretty testify this: “You have been miraculously healled.

You can read more on my website at www.blastofheaven.com

Feel free to get in touch with me anytime !

I have a newsletter weekly sent to people subscribed on my e-mail list. You can sign in for free by hitting the link below:

I also uploaded some months ago a video promo containing the special events  Lord Jesus has done through this Ministry. I wish you to invest a bit of your precious time to check this out (There´s a very nice  russian worship music on the background):

Everlasting Blessings to you and all your family,

Rafael R. Lima
Your Partner in Prayer


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